Send Email Blast to Association

To send an email blast to the Town Clerk's Association, please forward your request to all the Website Committee members.

Kerry Miserendino
Sheila Bailey
Ruth Cavayero

Guidelines for Postings & Email Messages

  1. Write exactly what you want posted or sent.
  2. Include your own email address, or other contact information, in the content of the message.
  3. Attach relevant documents.
  4. Give instructions. For example:
    • Email to all town clerks.
    • Post on the website under _____________________________________.
      (Document Directory, Heading, Event, Announcement)
    • Post from "this date" to "this date." "This date" to include month, day, and year.

5. Email to the website committee.

7. If applicable, put together a summary of responses you receive from other clerks after question is answered. Send that to the website committee to share results to all the clerks.