Scholarship Program

The Association is committed to improving the professionalism and performance of its members, and encourages everyone to acquire the skills and knowledge that can make you and our profession the best we can be.

The scholarship program is open to all Connecticut town clerks, assistants, and office staff who are association members in good standing. To qualify for a continuing education or IIMC Conference scholarship, IIMC membership is required. To qualify for a New England Institute Scholarship, membership in the New England Association of City and Town Clerks is also required.

Scholarships are generally for $100, with the possibility of an extra $100 if reserve funds from the previous year are available. Scholarship dollars may be applied to registration and tuition only. One month after the awarded event, proof of successful completion must be submitted to the Scholarship Committee chair, who will then notify the treasurer to reimburse the applicant.

Application Procedure

Because qualifying programs will occur over the course of the year, and in order to grant as many scholarships as possible, all scholarships will be awarded at the same time. This will allow the Committee to insure that funds are not reserved unnecessarily for potential use later in the fiscal year.

  • December 1: Applications become available for qualifying programs.
  • January 31: Deadline for submitting all applications and supporting documentation.
  • February 18: Decisions on all applications due from the scholarship Committee.
  • 2023 Scholarship Application (PDF)